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At the heart of any family history is the family tree. To keep the tree a manageable size, it has been divided into family groups. To protect people’s privacy, only the details of those who are deceased are shown.

Tree 1: paternal tree
an overview of my paternal line starting in the 1770s. Families include: baker, beverley, biscoe, bostock, bradford, briggs, ducro, evans, hockaday, homan bostock, gray, gregory, peters, sissey, steward, sutton, webb, warren, wicks, wilbourne

Tree 2: maternal tree
an overview of my maternal line starting in the 1760s. Families include: benham, cawte, collins, cunningham, durnford, elliott, harris, hodge, holloway, griffin, grigg, harvey, page, reynolds, rogers, shepherd

Index of names: quick look up guide
A list of the names in this history, providing a summary of each individual including birth, marriage, and death details, children, places of residence and siblings, where available

family trees

paternal tree

maternal tree

index of names

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