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photo album: collins family

Henry Joseph Collins

Henry Joseph Collins and one of his sons on a south London building site in the 1920s

From left to right: Lillian Wesson (née  Edwards) with her parents Robert and Catherine ‘Kit’ Edwards (née  Collins)

Edmund ‘Ted’ Collins (1896-1973) photographed in the garden of Perry Hill, Catford in the 1930s

Edmund Collins (1896-1973) photographed far left in about 1915, probably at Bury St Edmunds whilst training to be a signaller. According to his son, Bert, Edmund and the soldier marked with a cross above his head (third from left in the front row) were the only two of the group to survive World War I

Catherine ‘Kit’ Edwards (née  Collins) (1898-1965) with her granddaughters, Dianne and Dawn Wesson, on the Isle of Wight in about 1963

One or two of Henry Joseph and Sarah Ann Collins’ sons on a building site in the 1920s

Sarah Ann Collins (née  Rogers) with four of her children. The eldest girl may be Ada